The Way to Greece

The gods of mount Olympus, the myth of Atlantis, the empire of Alexander the Great, the writings of Homer, the thoughts of Socrates, the poems of Seferis -just part of the achievement of the most creative civilization the world has known. This highly acclaimed guide outlines clearly and concirely the Greek legacy and the ideas that shaped Western culture.
-Famous maxims and their meaning today
-The Olympic Games, how they begun
-Timeline of Greek history
-Historical maps
-Over 200 color photographs

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Ιστορία. Γεωγραφία

Αρχαιολογία. Αρχαιότητα. Ελληνική ιστορία


Ελλάς - Αρχαιότητες

Ιστορία. Γεωγραφία

Αρχαιολογία. Αρχαιότητα. Ελληνική ιστορία

Ελλάς - Ιστορία