Discovering Athens

A Byzantine church with ancient Greek columns... A Roman building in a courtyard of the archaic period... The urban architecture of the 60's next to 160 A.D. conservatories... Just like that, a walk in the centre of Athens is a lesson in history. Although the various monuments seem sometimes crammed and tthe concrete takes away part of the magic, the city always finds a way to charm the inhabitants and all visitors. This guide describes the most interesting walks in the centre of Athens - the historic and contemporary parts, the monuments, the museums and the cultural centres, the small oases of green and recreation - and the surrounding suburbs. Laconic, and thus useful, with all the information the visitor might need, graphics and maps, "The streets of Athens" is the ideal companion for a long walk in the city.

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  1. Discovering Athens

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  2. Discovering Athens

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  3. Discovering Athens

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