Go Ahead

"Go ahead"and "Go ahead plus" have been designed for learners at Intermediate level. "Go ahead" is a slower-paced coursebook, designed for students who plan to sit the Cambridge FCE examination after a further two year of study, while "Go ahead plus" is for those students who wish to sit this examination only one year later.
Each three-page unit of "Go ahead":
-begins with an interesting reading text.
-is topic-based
-introduces a wealth of level-appropriate vocabulary
-has a straightforward speaking activities
-prepares students to tackle a variety of writing tasks, offering guidance on organisation and content
"Go ahead" also:
-introduces students to the FCE exam format and offers practice in all five papers (Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking)
-has review units with a specially designed Use of English section, also offering practice in functional English

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