Do's and Don'ts

A guide for those who want to avoid mistakes which create misunderstandings and aggravate interethnic rapprochement.
(The quide may also be used conversely to create tension, to satisfy aggressive personalities and Greek and Turkish nationalists).
This guide was originally written in English with the purpose to be published in a third country, simply because each Greek or Turkish publication is perceived by the "other" side as biased. Eventually another solution was found: the text circulates in Greece in English and in Greek and simultaneously in Turkey in Turkish. In case of doubt or disagreement the English text precedes; the others are translations.
All the views expressed here are my own and they do not commit any other person, group or organization. In other words, there is no conspiracy. I also take this opportunity to declare, being fully aware of the consequences of this declaration, that though I do not know why, I like pasturma as well as souvlaki!

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  2. Do's and Don'ts

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  3. Do's and Don'ts

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  4. Do's and Don'ts

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  5. Do's And Don'ts

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