Mediterranean Cuisine

90 recipes taken from or inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with pulses and cereals, with mint and saffron, pine kernels and raisins, coriander and cardamon.
Recipes full of fragrance and flavour. And what's more, contrary to the well-known maxim 'whatever is tasty is unhealthy', these are healthy dishes, such as the pie filled with diced aubergine cooked with spring onions and tomatoes and seasoned with smoked coriander, or the pilaf scented with spectacular saffron and garnished with onion rings sauted in wine. And don't think we're averse to meat. Quite the contrary! There are recipes for beef, for chicken, for rabbit. There are fish dishes too. And of course, lots of delicious salads, fresh and cooked.
90 recipes that are neither complicated nor confusing. Written in a simple, pleasant style, as if in the notebook of a friend. A book in which extra virgin olive oil plays the leading role, and of course low cholesterol.

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  1. Mediterranean Cuisine

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