Ancient Gold Jewellery

Greek art, the culminating achievement of the greek spirit, is the subject of the new monumental series published by Ekdotike Athenon. The artistic creation of hellenism during its three historical periods, antiquity, byzantium and modern times, is comprehensively presented in fifteen luxurious volumes, in which elegant texts are harmoniously combined with superb illustrations. Each volume, essentially a monograph on a specific art form, closely follows its evolution through a brilliant selection of representative works, which are typical of its various phases and trends, and registers the socio-political, as well as the artistic identity of their time. Special emphasis is laid upon the stylistic and aesthetic assessment of the selected works which, by a process of induction, weave and define the unique, unrepeatable physiognomy of greek art.

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  1. Ancient Gold Jewellery

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  2. Ancient Gold Jewellery

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