Writing Proficiently

"Writing Proficiently" is a writing course for advanced learners. It focuses on helping learners develop an understanding of writing in an academic context.It is ideal for learners who are preparing for advanced-level profi ciency examinations that include a writing component (i.e. University of Michigan ECPE,Cambridge CPE,TOEFL TWE,etc.) Each of the twelve units includes:

- A model essay with text-analysis questions
- Sentence-level and paragraph-level practice
- Reading to guided-writing
- Essay topics that can be developed in class and as homework
- A glossary with useful vocabulary
- Important writing tips

There are also four review sections that provide further practice inlanguage and writing.

There are review units throughout the book as well as a series of extensive supplementary tests at the end of the student's book.The teacher's book provides answers for all the activities and further examples and explanations.

The "Teacher 's Book" includes lesson plans and extra activities!

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