Why Ancient Greece? (e-book)


Why Ancient Greece is written for the general reader who wishes to understand the birth and development of democracy, and its influence on modern government. It presents a fresh, innovative and often unorthodox view, using new economic and political theory and methodology to explain how and why democracy emerged when it did, the conditions that shaped it, and the values it inspired.

From the birth of the city-state and the evolution of the hoplite soldier and the phalanx, to the rise of Athenian democracy, the author traces the origins of such essential issues as public choice, civic and human rights, and the world’s first social contract.

Taking the reader on a tour of democracy as reinvented by medieval Switzerland, the maritime Dutch Republic, 17th-century England, and America and France in the throes of revolution, Kyriazis ends with a short guide to today’s Greece for visitors who wish to experience its enduring democratic history.

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Why Ancient Greece? (e-book)

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