Cretan Cuisine & Culture

They say you never really get to know a place unless you savour its tastes and smells, nor can you understand its culture unless you mingle with the local people and get acquainted with their way of thinking and their traditions. In Crete this fascinating discovery trip can take you surprisingly far into the past, as the origins of most local dishes and customs are lost in the mists of time.
"Cretan Cuisine & Culture" introduces you to the enchanting world of Cretan customs and history and initiates you into the secrets of the world's famous Cretan diet. In this lavishly illustrated edition you will find everything you could possibly wish to know about Crete - from its ancient mythology to its folk songs and dances and of course its most delicious recipes!

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  1. Cretan Cuisine & Culture

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  2. Cretan Cuisine & Culture

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  3. Cretan Cuisine & Culture

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  5. Cretan Cuisine & Culture

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