Upstream Pre-Intermediate 3

Upstream PRE-INTERMEDIATE is a modular course for learners of the English language at CEF B1.1 level. The series combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed units.

Key Features
- theme-based units from a wide variety of authentic sources in five modules
- a variety of cross-cultural topics
- systematic development of all four language skills through realistic challenging tasks which encourage the learner's personal engagement
- lexical exercises practising and activating all essential vocabulary including collocations, phrasal verbs, fixed phrases, prepositions and word formation
- a varied range of reading texts from authentic contemporary sources, with exercises which encourage learners to read extensively as well as intensively
- stimulating reading and listening tasks
- a wide range of speaking activities and intonation practice
- writing analysis and practice of various types of writing with full models
- study skills tips
- curricular and Self-Assessment sections at the end of each module
- grammar sections covering all major grammatical areas and more advanced grammar points plus a Grammar Reference Section
- songs

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  • Συγγραφείς: ,
  • Εκδότης: Express Publishing
  • Μορφή: Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
  • Έτος έκδοσης: 2004
  • Αριθμός σελίδων: 152
  • Κωδικός ISBN: 1844665739
  • Διαστάσεις: 30×21
  1. Upstream Pre-Intermediate 3

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  2. Upstream Pre-Intermediate 3

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  3. Upstream Pre-Intermediate 3

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  4. Upstream Pre-Intermediate 3

    Άμεση παραλαβή / Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

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