Beckett's Humotopia

Is the structure of Beckett's theatrical universe "turtles all the way down" or "gods all the way up"? How does a figurative elephant that avails itself of the facilities pertain to the humor in Beckett's drama? Can yet another monograph on one of the greatest (and, thus, most exhaustively studied) playwrights of all time purvey any fresh, rewarding insight into his ceuvrel Does Vladimir really relate a Gospel story about the three thieves? Last but not least, what is this Humotopia, anyway? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found in this book, written by Thomas Tsakalakis, an up and coming Greek scholar and novelist.

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  1. Beckett's Humotopia

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  2. Beckett΄s Humotopia

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  3. Beckett's Humotopia

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  4. Beckett's Humotopia

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  5. Beckett s Humotopia

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  6. Beckett's Humotopia

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