Αρχαιοελληνικό άθυρμα Ρουνάρ (Ρούνες)

There is not a single being on this Earth that has not played with some game at various stages of his/her life (from infancy right up to old age). There are very simple games and complicated games which train the body, the emotions, the brain or the intellect.

This research analytically presents the whole structure of games and common archetypal elements that games contain in every population all over the world, which originated from the ancient Greek and European culture.

Περιέχονται τα ακόλουθα αθύρματα (παιχνίδια) που βασίζονται στο αλφάβητο της Ρουνάρ (γράμματα Ρούνες):
- Άθυρμα Ρουνάρ
- Άθυρμα "Αρχέγονη λογοδυναμική"
- Άθυρμα "Βάρος Ρουνάρ"
- Άθυρμα "Αριθμοπλασία Ρουνάρ"
- Άθυρμα "Επτάρα Ρουνάρ"
- Άθυρμα "Τρίλιζα Ρουνάρ"
- Άθυρμα "Αριθμολεξία Ρουνάρ"

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