Changing Landscapes

The Changing Landscapes/Mediterranean Sensitive Areas Design Project constitutes a framework within which different Schools of Architecture and/or Landscape Design had the unique opportunity to be engaged in an international, creative and more-than-contemporary dialogue, concerning critical Mediterranean areas. The Program has been a hub of interaction on issues dealing with the notion of landscape ‘sensitivity’ and vulnerability, in relation with ‘change’ and transformation -which in terms of value and quality, has been interpreted as a point of cultural reference.

The 2011 Erasmus IP Edition has been hosted in Volos, Greece in June 2011, focusing on sites characterized by the prominent element of water, constituting landscapes of unique assets, nature or infrastructure. The sites selected for the projects include the south part of the city waterfront, a restored lake and its surrounding shores, a coastal industrial area adjacent to an abandoned quarry, the seasonal aspects of a river’s banks and the revival of an island.

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