[...] What makes Greece, as it has always made her, such an inexhaustible treasury of memorable experience for the discerning traveller, is the depth of Greek history, combined with her unique display of classical monuments, her fascinating folklore, and her abundant natural beauty. A full picture of these is not to be had in a matter of days or even of weeks. It is no exaggeration to say that even the experts on Greece, people who have spent a lifetime getting to know and describe in detail the main "sights" of the Greek landscape, whether they are historians or naturalists, often have the happy sensation of discovering the country for the first time and being just at the start of their research.

And so this volume aims simply to be an incentive - a strong one, we hope - to the inquisitive voyager to Greece. Its purpose is to give her or him, so far as it possible, and with the assistance of carefully selected photographs of the best quality, a basic outline of the directions which she or he should follow in roaming the land; Or more simply still, what not to miss. [...]

Othon Tsounakos

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