The Feasts fo the Lord

This book presents the basic theological events relating to Christ the Lord, and offers interpretative keys to enable us to understand the central Christological points of the Lord’s feasts. It is stressed that Christology has an important place in Orthodox teaching.

The book is divided into two basic sections. In the first are published presentations which were given at a Seminar of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens in the year 1994-1995, and refer to the feasts of the Lord which make up the "Twelve Feasts", as the Church calls them. The second part includes Christological texts which were published in various periodicals and are connected with the Lord’s Feasts.

The events relating to the Lord cannot be divided up, nor can they be evaluated. They are experienced in each Divine Liturgy and remind us of the condescension and self-emptying of Christ, Who became for us the Cause of salvation. However, the Church determined that these events should be celebrated separately, thus sanctifying the year and offering us the possibility of enjoying and experiencing the milestones of the divine Economy in our own personal lives.

Each Feast is examined individually, and the reader will observe that the analysis given is comprehensive, thorough, and based on the teaching of the holy Fathers.

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