Measures for Measures

The issue of school improvement is high on the political agenda in many countries. Despite the fact that government officials in England argue that raising standards is about equity, as standards are seen to rise, some groups of learners are left behind. Typically, these groups are from disadvantaged communities, usually in poor urban environments. This has focused particular attention on the need to develop more effective intervention strategies in schools that are seen to be a cause for concern. "Measures for Measures: research based approaches for schools that 'fail'" addresses the question of what needs to happen in order to move practice forward in such contexts. The purpose of this book is to contribute to this endeavour of providing quality education for our children, to be able to live with a purpose, to question and not take for granted, to create, to support and to celebrate success. The case studies included in this book form part of our everyday reality. With this agenda in mind, the research reported in this book provides vivid insights into the experiences of those involved in schools facing challenging circumstances, struggling to adapt to externally imposed measures, balancing out the conflict arising with internal procedures and dilemmas.

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