Individuality, Unity, Monad

This book speaks of the spiritual progress of man from the unconscious to the conscious, from the individual to the Monad. It describes the processes through which the human being passes from the moment he becomes aware of his individuality. He then expresses two desires, one to preserve his individuality, and the other to become a member of a group.

The processes change when man understands the importance of union, which provides a solution to the problem of separation. He then desires to work to build a proper couple. After this he goes on to build a family, which is a basic nucleus for the development of a group sense. And by participating in other groups, he realises at some point that his nature is like that of all men.

In man’s quest for the truth of this homogeneity, new difficulties are encountered. The ego begins to offer resistance, denying the existence of the One Power, the One God. There comes a time, however, when his desire for union prevails. He recognises in his individual existence the expression of God, and accepts His Will, which calls upon man to be united with Him.

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  1. Individuality, Unity, Monad

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  3. Individuality, Unity, Monad

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