With "PHOTO", my newest photography book, I would like to share with you my photographic work around the world.

In Europe, North Africa, Asia and America, I encountered over the years and captured on film the extraordinary facets of past and present. Classic landscapes and cityscapes, famed historical monuments and images of colourful people of all ages and of all races, at work and play. From Shanghai's futuristic skyline to the timeless temples of Khajuraho, my pictures paint a cultural portrait, touching on a wide number of nations. They include profiles of women and children, with interesting contrasts between today and years past. Extensive coverage is given to culture, seen through the prism of work, daily life, and traditions. Many of the photographs in this book combine exotic images capturing a perfect moment and examine details of everyday life. All together they create a fascinating global panorama. Striking pictures of an unpredictable and inspiring world, revealing once again the true nature of its mystery.

Trying to present in my book everything I came across during my long photographic journeys and having in mind the endless complexity of our planet's civilisations, I often avoided modern themes which usually are not particularly interesting. So, many of my photographs refer to images of old times, side by sidewith others reflecting contemporary reality.

After many long journeys, some easy and some not so, yet all exciting, I managed to convey through these pictures and my photographic work as a whole, my own world view. It will be my pleasure if someof them please you, move you or even make you think.

Christos Iosiphidis

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