A Pionnering Vision?

To a significant extent, this book has attempted to examine just how and why Papandreou's government consistently adopted and advocated an Arab policy at odds with its western allies both inside the EEC and NATO. As shown in the early part of this book even prior to coming to power in 1981 Papandreou had promised to make improved relations with the Mediterranean region, and in particular the Arab world, a priority of any future PASOK goverment. In the immediate wake of his 1981 election victory he lived up to these promises and quickly embraced the Arab world in the hope that his time in office would lead to an unprecedented rise in bilateral ties in the economic, diplomatic and political spheres.

"I am totally convinced that the nationally proud policy that our government follows and our genuine multidimensional foreign policy, will indeed open new perspectives for our nation and our people"

Andreas Papandreou 1982

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