All In One: Michigan ECPE: Companion

The University of Michigan ECPE: All In One is a complete course for students preparing for the University of Michigan ECPE. Including examinations, consolidation units, and speaking activities, All In One comprehensively covers all areas of the exam. All In One accurately reflects the format, content, and level of the ECPE. It is organized in three sections.

- Examinations

"All In One" includes seven complete exams. Because all seven exams are at the same level of difficulty, they can act as diagnostic tools that will allow students to measure their progress.

- Consolidation Units

There is a comprehensive consolidation unit for each sub-section of the ECPE. Each consolidation unit begins with a description of the corresponding sub-section of the ECPE, explaining its rationale but also giving useful study and exam-taking tips. Each consolidation unit has a wide variety of activities that have a two-fold purpose. In addition to helping students prepare for the challenges of the ECPE, they will also help them develop their overall language skills. The consolidation units cover the following areas:

- Writing
- Listening - Parts 1 & 2
- Listening - Part 3
- Grammar
- Cloze
- Vocabulary
- Reading Comprehension
- Speaking

- Speaking Tests

"All In One" has nine complete speaking tests that have been prepared by a Certified ECPE Speaking Test Examiner Τrainer.

- The Companion

The Companion includes two vocabulary review tests for each examination as well as a comprehensive glossary. The glossary provides explanations in Greek, definitions in Engllish and an example for each entry. The accompanying CD-ROM further provides the pronunciation of each word. The material on the CD-ROM can be used on an interactive whiteboard.

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