On Course ECCE for Younger Learners: Cd

" New On Course" for younger learners Michigan ECCE is an enjoyable and motivating way for younger students to prepare thoroughly for the ECCE. Designed to be used as either a one-year course or an intensive one-term course, the book provides a wide range of exercises through which younger students will develop the skills needed to succeed in the examination.

Key Features are:

- Interesting reading texts are included in every unit. Written in the style of the ECCE, they also cover a wide range of topics typical of those found in the examination. The length of the texts and the vocabulary are appropriate for younger learners.

- Vocabulary:
Each lesson has various exercises covering thematically-related vocabulary, confusable words, collocations, synonyms, phrasal verbs, prepositions, and so on, all appropriate for younger learners.

- Grammar:
Grammar practice, in the style of the ECCE, appears in every unit. Organized systematically, the exercises will help younger students become familiar with the structures and usage most commonly tested in the examination

- Writing:
A letter or an essay is presented in each unit, followed by a variety of exercises covering vocabulary and writing techniques. Younger students are thus able to build up their writing skills to the standard required in the ECCE.

- Speaking:
A range of speaking exercises are provided in various contexts to enable younger students to develop their oral skills.

- Listening:
Listening exercises, in the style of the ECCE, are included in every unit.

The Coursebook is accompanied by a workbook, which allows younger students to practice and consolidate what has been taught. The course can also be used in conjunction with New Generation Practice Tests for the Michigan ECCE.

New On Course for younger learners Michigan ECCE will not only give younger students ample practice in all tasks found in the ECCE, but will also provide them with an excellent basis on which to continue their studies toward higher-level examinations such as the Michigan ECCE.


- Student’s Coursebook
- Teacher’s Coursebook
- Student’s Workbook
- Teacher’s Workbook
- Companion
- Test Booklet
- Audio CDs

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