The Voracious


Five men and one woman found asylum at the retirement home of Athens. They are known personalities and they talk about their lives. Markella, who is the main character of this book, played a major role in the protection of the European Community interests. She describes her struggle through the conspiracies and external agents of the International Capital. They tried to kill her on several occasions.

All events unfold in Paris and Brussels. American agents that represent the Voracious cooperate with the underground, cause turmoil and homicides right in the center of Europe. At the same time, another person, Professor Polykratis, takes us to the grounds of the retirement home where we see the people marginalized by a harsh society who describe their lives in dark colors. The dialogue between the economist of the group and the other personalities directly illuminates the dark side of the Voracious, perhaps for the first time.

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The Voracious

  1. The Voracious

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  2. The Voracious

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