British Life and Institutions


British Life and Institutions" is meant for the general educated reader who wants to know more about Great Britain, ie her people, their language, their history, their parliamentary system, their legal system etc. and her various institutions.
As the big portion of the material deals with the governance of the country, the major institutions and the lines along which they operate and function, more or less smoothly, the book, I believe, will be of considerable value and help to educators, civil servants, parliamentarians, welfare officers, journalists in particular, my main concern here is Cyprus and Greece - given the general acknowledgement - that Britain is among the disciplined and obedient nations in observing the laws and customs of the country, with considerable respect, in an admittedly perturbed world, because of the numerous economic, social, political and ecological problems worldwide.
I also tried, in a limited space, to give the general reader the basic knowledge about the origin, aims and evolution of the European Union and the important Acts enacted by the appropriate representatives of the Member States. A chapter has also been included giving valuable data - land area, population, currency, language, religion, ethnicity etc. of the Member States for reference, comparison and conclusions, with a view to enhancing strengthening and improving the better organization of the European Union, for the general good of the Member States and those who aspire to join the European Union, and those poor countries which urgently need financial support and protection in order to survive.

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British Life and Institutions

  1. British Life and Institutions

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  2. British Life and Institutions

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  3. British Life and Institutions

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  4. British Life and Institutions

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