Marriage: A Spiritual Arena

"It is more blessed to give"
(Acts 20:35)

When you receive, your hands are filled but when you give, your soul is filled. So "it is more blessed to give than to receive". When you sweat for someone else, your body is getting tired but your soul is at rest. Life means 'offering'. Marriage is also an offering. It is a source of life and a source of joy.

A candle will not illuminate a room if it does not melt. Incense doesn't become fragrant if it doesn't melt. The same is true of spouses. If they do not 'melt' into their obligations, they will not illumine their marriage or become fragrant.

Every husband and wife can become light and icense as long as they desire to do so, as long as they try and struggle to 'melt' while fulfilling their spousal obligations. And God, who is just, will glorify them on earth and more so in heaven.

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