How Much Does it Cost... Our Daily Bread from Ancient to Modern Times

"Money is a singular thing. It ranks with love as man's greatest source of joy. And with death as his greatest source of anxiety."

J.K. Galbraith, 1908-2006

Money dominates our daily life. Coins accompany us in 01 everyday movements. The slightest activity involves th exchange of coins for goods or services. This exchange is implicate in even our most personal relations. Usually, we know very little aboi these objects we carry in our pockets, our purses, and we observ them even less. Yet very often the symbols of each period ar concentrated on these small objects, as are the coins. The Numismati Museum, Athens is a museum devoted to coins, from the first ancier Greek coins to those of the present day. About 500,000 coins of a periods and many cultures are kept, conserved, studied and exhibite in the Numismatic Museum. The biggest and best collections are, c course, of coins that circulated in Greek lands, that is ancient Gree Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and European coins. However, apart froi the object itself, its production, its material, its type, its date, ii issuing authority, which constitute the identity of the coin, there another major subject, difficult to approach, the use of coins i different eras. The use as well as men's relations with coins change following the developments of each society.
(από την εισαγωγή του βιβλίου)

Περιλαμβάνονται τα κείμενα:

- Dimilena Ladoyanni, Yannis Stoyas, "In the Ancient Greek World"
- Eva Apostolou, "In the Roman World"
- Yorka Nikolaou, "In the Byzantine World"
- Elena Glitsi, Panagiotis Kokkas, "In Greece Under Foreign Rule"
- Efterpi Ralli, Maria Fountouli, "In Modern Greece"

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