Destiny Prevails

"The Onassis Foundation was built with flesh and blood! Therefore it is very important that this witness, Paul Ioannides, the last one alive to see and hear these events, is here to depose the true facts, frankly and boldly."

Dr. Anthony S. Papadimitriou
Alexander S. Onassis Foundation

"A large part of the book describes the deep relationship of Ioannidis with Aristotle Onassis and with his two children, Alexander and Christina. In this connection, it also documents the history of Olympic Airways, from the laconic statement of Onassis to 'just add one more circle' when he was informed that the five Olympic circles were already patented by the International Olympic Committee, to the negotiations between Onassis and the Greek government which led to the nationalization of Olympic Airways. This book reveals the character of Onassis, in particular, his courage, his vision, and his toughness."

Professor Athanasios Fokas
University of Cambridge and Academy of Athens

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