The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

In dealing with war crimes justice - or as they tend to call it international criminal law - there are numerous issues to consider regarding the nature of this criminal justice. But among these issues the broader aspect that all the thinking nations are obliged to consider is summarized in one question: What's the real purpose of international justice?
The answer is certainly not easy.
At the same time, by trying to define of what a trial is, in a domestic scale, automatically a new question arises in relation to international justice: Does the definition of a domestic trial matches exactly with what we call international trial?
Well, again the answer is not an easy case. It's not accidental, also, the fact that still the international legal community lacks the ability to define of what an international crime is and even if it does it, this attempt results to an inelegant and awkward definition made for reasons of "typical" necessity.
Yet, international "trials" are underway.
By attempting to answer the first question, we can assert, at least, that justice is the refugee of the weak.
However, this kind of virtue, for those who possess technoeconomic power, is not an easy thing to understand. And certainly we are not going to be those who will pressure them to understand despite the fact if we have the power to do so or not.
We are just on the other side.

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  1. The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

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  2. The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

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  3. The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

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  4. The Trial of Slobodan Milocevic

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  5. The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

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  6. The "Trial" of Slobodan Milocevic

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  7. The "Trial" Of Slobodan Milocevic

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