A Likely Impossibility

Dimitri and Elly are two young lovers who find themselves fighting traditions and family expectations to keep their love alive. Can fate keep them apart forever? Can their love weather the trials and deviousness that destiny and their families throw in their way?

Dimitra Philactou weaves a compelling story that draws on the experiences of the Greek Diaspora of Egypt and London, to tell the tale of young love whose fire refuses to extinguish itself and continues to burn through time. The reader follows the tale of their love starting in 50s London, and through time and places like New York and Greece. At each place fate and family expectations that ‘Ships marry Ships' seem to conspire together to keep them apart.

Sometimes the only thing that can fan the flame of love is the belief that 'A likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility.

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  1. A Likely Impossibility

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  2. A Likely Impossibility

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  3. A Likely Impossibility

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  4. A Likely Impossibility

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  5. A Likely Impossibility

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  6. A Likely Impossibility

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