Consumer Protection Law


This widely acclaimed and highly regarded textbook, originally written in Greek by I. Karakostas, a distinguished professor at Athens Law School, and now translated in English, offers an in-depth analysis of consumer protection law in Greece and provides an incomparable insight and commentary on the relevant hellenic consumer protection legislation (Law 2251/1994). The updated book, consisting of ten chapters, each addressing a pivotal issue (e.g. unfair general terms, distance contracts, producer’s liability for defective products, consumer health and safety, judicial remedies etc), aims to provide a valuable assistance to the foreign scholars, academics, practitioners and, last but not least, the foreign consumers living or otherwise spending in Greece.

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Consumer Protection Law

  1. Consumer Protection Law

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  2. Consumer Protection Law

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  3. Consumer Protection Law

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  4. Consumer Protection Law

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  5. Consumer Protection Law

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  6. Consumer Protection Law

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