[...] And I am still searching, when the wild geese fly by, to distinguish whether or not their flock is still lead by the same leader, Akka from Kebnekaise... Then I hurrently seek to make out Iksi and Kaksi, Kolme and Neljia, Niisi and Kuusi and Morten the White male tame Goose... [...]

[...] And ''that thing'' was no other than the cute mini skirt by Mary Quant, the British fashion designer. Joan bought it on her last return from New York when she stopped for a couple of days in London, as she tended to say, even if she stayed there for a week. She had kept it in her wardrobe [...]

[...] I would have to start french then and as Mademoiselle Mari, who lived next to us, had advised her, I'd need two or three good books which couldn'd be easily found and cost a lot of money.''You will need this in two years time from now, in high school'' she had said. ''In two years time? From now for the year after next?'' These, she had told me, were far more useful and essential than a doll whose her heand, arms and legs would eventually fall all! I, of couse, insisted that nothing would fall off! Neither her head nor her arms nor her legs! I wouldn't let anything fall off! I'd watch her like [...]

A charming, cute and evocative memoir, also realistic and tender that moves the reader to relive feelings and emotions of childhood innocence... For all grouyps of readers, including the teens, their parents and Grandparents...

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