English Speaking Theatre

This book will help you to develop your students’ personalities through drama courses. It is in fact a diary kept during an after-school program run in the 1st High School of Kallipolis called: "English Speaking Theatre". Most theatrical games and activities mentioned in the book can also be used during the regular English courses to develop the students’ emotional intelligence, which is as important as teaching English. There are also 5 complete theatrical plays.

Happiness in class is something that schools strive for! Humor and positive activity are the factors which make students happy to engage and happy to make mistakes! Children's wellbeing should always come first since it is essential if we really want our students to feel safe, supported and inspired to achieve!

The second part of this book deals with the most serious problem of school-life: bullying. Anti-bullying theatrical activities can get students involved no matter whether they are victims, eye-witnesses, or even the bullies themselves, since there are times when we may cause psychological pain without even realizing it. Such theatrical games help the children get into the other person's position.

Last but not least, all activities mentioned in the book have been realized in class and the students have found them entertaining.

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  1. English Speaking Theatre

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  2. English Speaking Theatre

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  3. English Speaking Theatre

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  4. English Speaking Theatre

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  5. English Speaking Theatre

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  6. English Speaking Theatre

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