"Left to regather the shards of my heart, which our meek unspoken farewell scattered, I know my dreams are made to be shattered, so our absent love I'll animate in art." Every person is a piece of poetry and one day someone comes along and comprehends it. This collection is about hands that never touch, lips that never meet and almost lovers, never to be. Each poem is an attempt to give significance to the insignificant, to animate what is denied, to revive what is long gone, to express what is impossible to utter due to liberty suspended and a torment unintended. If love is a road, then desire, despair, nostalgia and sorrow are necessary stops we need to make along the way. All roads lead to a destination; but some destinations are a dead end. Still, the journey is devastatingly beautiful.
Βιογραφικά σημειώματα συντελεστών Lina Katsorchi was born in 1994 in Athens, where she still resides today. She is currently studying at the Faculty of English Language and Literature (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), after having also studied at the Department of International, European and Area Studies (Panteion University). Her fields of interest are: literature, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, literary criticism and contemporary history. Her extra-curricular activities involve the practice of martial arts and of music. The poetry collection Unintended is her first work.

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