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Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires PS3
  1. Μηπως ξερετε πως παιζεται το Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires διπλο (για 2 παιχτες, γιατι ξερω οτι παιζεται);

    1. Τελικα το βρηκα αλλα ειναι στα Αγγλικα....

      1. You start off with, lets say you created a player named John in edit mode. You select
        him and you are a ronin (vagrant officer with no home) that travel's doing missions for
        villagers and selected Officers such as Guan Yu or Lu Bu
      2. Go to the "Battle" button and press "X" when you highlight it.
      3. Then press the "Mercenary" button.
      4. Look at the rectangle description box and look at the "From" section.
      5. Let say your friend made a character called Mike, then you find the Mike character
        beside the "From" part of the description box.
      6. Then you start the mission, rescue your allies and innocents and then go into the
        strategy mode and go to events there should be a flashy "New!" beside the "Events"
      7. Afterwards an option that says become friends with "Mike" then you are his friend, then
        after that you start a fight/war with someone then the 2P should press the "START" button.

      8. Thats about it.